How To Choose A Watch For A Woman: 7 Proven Tips

Watches may be a man’s game. And if you'd have to buy one for women, they’d say it might be a bit difficult.

Well, I beg to disagree.

In this article, I’m gonna show exactly how to choose a watch for a woman.

And all it’s gonna take are 7 quick tips.

Here we go.

Here are 7 proven tips to serve as your watch buying guide

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1. Consider the personality of the person you are giving the watch to.

Is she quirky? Old fashioned? A hopeless romantic? Or the practical type?

All these things matter.

You see...

A watch is a staple accessory it should really go together with its wearer.

Just take a quick look at the images below. See what your favorite woman is like.

watch buying guide quirks

See your lady in any of these? Her watch should perfectly match her personality type.


2. Put into account the movement of the watch that you want to give.

Do you think she wants a Quartz movement? An automatic one? Or a mechanical type?

What’s important is for you to:

Choose something that would work for her.

Maybe she wants a classic mechanical pocket watch?

Or maybe, she’s the type to wear digital kinds.

watch buying guide mechanical watch

Classic, mechanical pocket watches like this are truly exquisite!


3. Which style or shape does she want? 

A circular watch may be the most popular out there.

But, rectangular or square-shaped watch faces are also in style. Make sure you have a hint of what she wants. 

There’s a heart-shaped watch face too! 

Yep, so virtually, any shape could be made into a watch face.

All you need to know is if your receiver prefers it. 

watch buying guide hestia

Try gifting her this cutesy little square-faced piece called Hestia. 


4. Pay attention to the type of material that she wants 

Would she want a stainless steel watch? A gold watch? Or something that has leather straps?

Maybe she wants a sports watch that is mostly made of rubber

Is she the sporty type? Take that into consideration.

If she’s more queenly, then go for something golden or silverish.

watch buying guide sports watch

Is she the sporty type? Then a matchy sporty watch like this can go well with her wrist!


5. Also, consider the size of the dial or the actual watch face 

Some people base the size of the watches they purchase by checking their wrist. And that’s great.

You see, a good watch must not be too big nor too small for a woman's wrist.


Oversized watches are actually in style too. 

But really, it’s about whatever floats her boat, right?

watch buying guide size

A watch should never be too big or too small. 


6. Consider the brand of the watch you are going to give as a gift

For some people, watches are a status symbol.

But for some, it may be just another accessory, and it doesn't matter which brand they wear.


Does the brand really matter?

For some, yes. To some, no. But it really depends on who you are giving the watch to.

watch buying guide cartier

Aside from the brand, always consider your budget


7. Make sure you choose the right strap and if she wants something bejeweled or not.

The straps of a watch actually make or break it. So make sure that you understand what you are choosing according to who you are giving it to.

Is she a simple girl? A modern woman? Or somebody elderly? 

You get the logic now, right?

The strap matters.

watch buying guide leather strap

Find something appropriate for her. Here’s a hint: it’s mostly about the age.


Generally, a watch is a staple accessory. And a woman totally deserves it.

So get up from that seat and shop online for some awesome watches for a woman now! 

watch buying guide



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