Trendy Glasses for Men: 3 Steps to Finding the Best One for You

Women look into a man’s eye. And eyes are the window to the soul. If you were still having doubts back then, consider it now — trendy glasses for men are a thing. A real thing.

Yup, buddy. Nothing to be ashamed of about that. Now here’s the deal.

I can give you 3 steps to find the best sunglasses for your face. Do them right, and you’ll have the key to your next date. I’m not kidding.

So read on.


How to Pick the Right Glasses Frame for Your Face

How to Pick the Right Glasses Frame for Your Face
Get yourself the perfect sunglasses with the right frame plus the proper color. Everything should go together in harmony. Now that’s the key.


1. Find Your Face Shape


Did you know that our faces have recognizable shapes? Each person has a different face shape. And each shape determines the kind of eyeglasses that will look good on the person.

So, the first step to finding your best sunglasses is to know your face shape.

Here’s a quick list of them.

List of face shapes

Don’t know your face shape yet? Check out the following descriptions to find out.

    • Circle. You have full cheeks and a soft chin line and forehead. All these are proportional in width and length.
    • Square. You project a strong jaw. Plus, you have a broad forehead. Also, these face elements are proportional in both width and length.

Now here’s a little secret. This face shape is actually a high-fashion one! It’s already pretty gorgeous.

    • Diamond. You have a narrow forehead and also a narrow jawline. It’s a pretty precious face.
    • Oblong. Your face is longer than it is wide.
    • Rectangle. You have a strong jaw, but your face looks longer than it is wide.
    • Heart. You own a broad forehead and cheekbones. Plus, you have a narrow chin.
    • Oval. Your forehead, jaw, and chin are all proportionate.

    2. Your Face Shape vs. the Frame Shape


    Now that you know the shape of your face, it’s time to learn the right frame shape for it.

    Yup, there’s actually a proper frame for every face shape.

    Don’t know what’s yours? Then check out the following guide.

    The frame you need for your face shape

    I’ve listed each face shape along with the frame design that fits with it. Check out yours and take note of the rest of the shapes that you need to avoid.


      • Circle face = rectangular or angular frame.

        You need to add some definitive angle to your face. That should add contrast. If you choose a circular one — like what Harry Potter uses — you will look like a ball.

        No offense. Just please choose those trendy glasses with angles.


      • Square face = softer and rounder frame.

    At this point, you might already be recognizing a pattern. Yup — faces and frames somehow need to contrast each other.

    Now here’s another tip. Choose a pair of glasses that sit high on your nose. You know why? Apparently, it has the effect of lengthening your face.

    And, please, avoid frames that resemble a box.


      • Diamond face = cheekbone-emphasizing frame.

    You have such delicate features that you can take advantage of. Cat-eye and oval shapes would look awesome on you.

    If you want to emphasize your cheekbones, you can use frames that sweep up.

    What you’d want to avoid are boxy frames that run straight across. Such designs tend to highlight your cheek width too much.


      • Oblong face = oversized glasses.

    Now you’d want to compensate for your tall shape feature. So try oversized frames, especially those that are wider than the width of your face.

    Also, choose frames that are more rounded and have more depth.

    And please, avoid sunglasses that are too small or too short.


      • Rectangle face = wide, curvy or oval frames.

    With this shape, you need to play against your facial contours.

    So you’d want your glasses to be wide enough to complement your face’s length. Make sure it’s curvy or oval, too, so you can set up just the right contrast.

    More than anything else, avoid rectangular frame shapes.


      • Heart shape = rimless frames.

    You already have a beautiful face shape. So you’d want to emphasize that by wearing rimless sunglasses.

    Just choose either of those thin, clear-plastic, or light metal frames.

    What you need to avoid are glasses with too many embellishments. Fantastic as they may seem, but trendy glasses such as these would only overwhelm your face.

    Here’s a general principle. Your frame should be able to soften your strong features instead of accentuating them.



      • Oval shape = almost any frame shape.

    Your face looks perfect, and any sunglasses frame would look gorgeous on you. Well, maybe not all.

    Again, the simple rule is that the rounder the face, the more angular the frame should be. The more angular the face, the rounder the glasses should look.

    As for you, you can have fun experimenting on various sunglasses and frames!


    3. Choose the Right Frame Color


    Well, frame shapes are one thing. The color? They’re obviously another thing.

    The secret here is to find the frame that’s in harmony with your skin tone, eye color, and hair color.

    Skin tone

    We may all have varying skin colors, but we only categorize skin tones as either warm or cool.

    Do you know what a warm tone is? Basically, it’s any color with a yellow cast, resembling a “peaches and cream” theme.

    On the other hand, a “cool” complexion feature undertones of pink or blue.

    If you think you have an olive-like skin, that’s still “cool.” It may be a combination of blue and yellow, but blue is quite stronger there.

    So what color frames suit your skin tone best?

    Frame Colors for Warm Skin Tones

    Got a warm skin complexion? It’s quite easy to choose from among these frame colors.

      • Gold
      • Copper
      • Camel
      • Peach
      • Orange
      • Khaki
      • Coral
      • Off-White
      • Warm Blue
      • Bright Red
      • Tortoise

     Now imagine how all these colors look fantastic on your skin.

    Frame Colors for Cool Skin Tones

    If you have a cool skin complexion, you’ll notice that darker hues look great on you. Examples are as follows.

      • Silver
      • Black
      • Rose Brown
      • Plum
      • Pink
      • Jade
      • Magenta
      • Blue
      • Blue Gray
      • Darker Tortoise

    Find the right color of sunglasses
    Find the right color, and your skin shouldn’t disagree with your eyewear.

    Eye color

    Sometimes, you need to look beyond your skin tone to determine the glasses that will look perfect on you.

    Your eyes can either look warm or cool, too.

    For instance, brown eyes can either be warm or cool, varying from having light caramel to almost black-looking hues.

    Blue eyes, on the other hand, can be as cool as when it’s close to being violet, or as warm as when it’s close to being pale and gray.

    Now the same principle goes with skin and eye tones. Just revisit the list of color frames I’ve made above.

    Hair color

    As you might have guessed, hair color can also be classified as either warm or cool.

    Take a look at the following lists to classify your hair color for yourself.

    Warm hair colors

      • Golden Blond
      • Brownish Black
      • Dirty Gray
      • Brownish Gold


    Cool hair colors

      • Bluish Black
      • White
      • Platinum
      • Strawberry Blond
      • Auburn
      • Ash brown
      • Salt-and-pepper


    Now if you’ve been into trendy hairstyles for a while, you should have already picked a hair color that also matches your skin tone.

    When you’ve done this, there needs to be no problem with picking the appropriate sunglass frame.

    Get Your Own From The Above Trendy Glasses for Men

    Well, I only mentioned them in passing. But those pictures of trendy sunglasses are all clickable!

    If you think they match your face shape, skin tone, eye color, and hair color, then be sure to get your own.

    Not only will you have a new collection of sunglasses — you now have a bunch of knowledge on how to pick the right ones for a perfect look.

    Good luck and may you have an awesome time in front of the mirror!

    Trendy Glasses for Men



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