Eyes Feeling Itchy? 7 Quick Tips to Protect Them from Danger

With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, everybody’s immune system should not be compromised.

If you have your eyes feeling itchy, please don’t panic. And, please… don’t rub your eyes!

Here are 7 quick and useful tips to protect your itching eyes from danger: 

eyes feeling itchy bearded man


1. Apply warm and cold compress

For immediate relief of itchy eyes due to allergies, do a warm compress. However, if the eyes are swollen and warm, a cold compress can do the trick.

As much as possible, avoid touching your eyes

If you are not yet suffering from any eye itchiness, please refrain from touching your eyes and the rest of your face altogether.

eyes feeling itchy girl

Only apply a warm or cold compress if needed.


2. Stop wearing contact lenses

Aside from giving you dry eyes at the end of the day, wearing contact lenses can put you at risk. That’s because you are constantly touching your eyes to remove the lenses and also to put them on.

The risk of getting your eyes feeling itchy is lowered when you don’t wear contact lenses for the meantime

Switch to glasses especially now that we are experiencing a worldwide health issue.

eyes feeling itchy contacts

Keep your eyeglasses clean too!


3. Wear polarized sunglasses when outdoors

Protect your eyes from the sun by wearing protective polarized sunglasses. 

… most especially when driving

Or doing any extreme outdoor activity. Doing so will minimize eye strain and will prevent you from having itchy eyes.

eyes feeling itchy polarized

This nice pair is a good purchase. Check it out here.


4. Take several short breaks when working in front of screens and computers

Staring at screens for a long period of time will cause eye strain, then itchy eyes. 

Make sure you take breaks and avoid touching your eyes with your hands. The keyboard is filled with millions of bacteria.

Stare at something green like a wall or some plants

While you’re on a screen break, try to look out your window. Or, stare at something green to give your eyes a “refreshment.”

eyes feeling itchy desk

Step back from your computer once in a while.


5. Invest in a good humidifier

Dry eyes are the culprit for itchy eyes. During winter or in drier climates, place a humidifier on your work desk and in your bedroom.

Eye drops can also keep the moisture in your eyes

Whenever you feel that your eyes start to dry out, use a drop or two on each eye.

eyes feeling itchy humidifier

Your eyes and your nose will thank you for having a humidifier.


6. Avoid eye make up

While we are experiencing this CoVid-19 pandemic, minimize the use of makeup. Putting on makeup would require several items like brushes to get in contact with your eyes and face.

Heavy eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner are a no-no

Minimize putting on these artificial and temporary add-ons. They can irritate the eyes if they are not removed thoroughly.

eyes feeling itchy eye makeup

Ugh. Too much bacteria.


7. Avoid allergens at all costs

Do not get exposed to allergens like pollen, dander, dust mites, and grass as much as possible.

Do not eat food that contain your allergy triggers to avoid having your eyes itch.

Don’t forget to drink your allergy meds

If you have maintenance meds, make sure you don’t forget to take them to prevent your eyes feeling itchy altogether.

eyes feeling itchy allergy

Rest if you feel sick.


Protect your eyes at all costs. 

If you feel that your eyes are getting unusually itchy, please see the advice of a medical practitioner.

If you have itchy eyes, cough, flu, and several more, get tested for CoVid-19 immediately.

eyes feeling itchy covid19


Protect your eyes always because you only have one pair. If you need a pair of awesome sunglasses to keep your vision in check, check this out.

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