Comprehensive Eye Exam: 7 Things You Need to Understand

So what exactly is a comprehensive eye exam and why should you do it?

Eye care centers do this exam to detect eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration, retinal detachments, and glaucoma, as well as detecting high blood pressure and diabetes.

Read on to understand further.

Why is an eye exam important in improving vision care? Here are some things to consider before getting one:

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1. The eye care professional may ask about your history

Not your life history — but something to do with any vision or eye problems you may have encountered. The doctor might ask you some questions regarding your overall health as well.

Your history will determine your present case

Your medication, lifestyle, and any environmental or work-related conditions that might affect your eye health will be taken into consideration.

comprehensive eye exam patient history

The doctor may also ask about any eye defect history in your family.


2. A measurement of your visual acuity may be done

During an eye exam, the visual acuity of each eye is measured, first individually, then together. 

Each eye is examined

Visual acuity is also measured both with and without corrective lenses and whether near or far.

comprehensive eye exam visual acuity

The refractions of each eye will be measured too.


3. The doctor may conduct preliminary tests

Which may include evaluations of color vision, eye muscle movement, depth perception, the way your pupils respond to light, and side or peripheral vision.

What other factors does a preliminary test assess? 

General eye health and specific aspects of your visual function are also assessed.

comprehensive eye exam preliminary

Yep, you may undergo several preliminary tests.


4. You will undergo retinoscopy 

Retinoscopy is done early in the vision test to get an estimate of your eyeglass prescription.

How is it done?

During this procedure, the lights will be dimmed and the eye examinee will be asked to focus at the "E" on the eye chart.

While staring at the "E," the doctor will then shine a light on your eye and will interchange lenses in a machine in front of your eyes. 

This test estimates which lens powers will best correct your ‘distance vision.’

comprehensive eye test preliminary exam

How well do you think you can read from a ‘distance’?


5. You may be tested for glaucoma

This test will basically measure the pressure inside your eyes. 

The usual glaucoma test is called the air puff test, or non-contact tonometry (NCT). 

How is it done? 

The doctor will literally puff a small burst of air into your eye while it is open. The tonometer won't touch your eye and the process is painless.

comprehensive eye test glaucoma

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6. You may also undergo a color blindness test

To rule out if you are color blind, this test is done early during a comprehensive eye exam.

Can color blindness affect other eye problems? 

Basically yes. Color blindness can detect hereditary color vision problems.

comprehensive eye exam color blindness

Being color blind is something that a person with color blindness may not know earlier.


7. It is always best to talk to an eye care professional

Before you undergo any eye exam or any medical exam, in particular, it is best to consult an expert first. 

It is best that we have clarity with our eye care decisions before submitting to a vision test.

There might be findings that are not clear, and there might be a need for a more in-depth assessment.

Also, you may need to be directed the right type of eye exam to take. Else, you could waste money on nothing!

comprehensive eye exam docto

Your doctor is the best person to consult whether or not you need an eye test. 


Don't be a sight for sore eyes, and make sure that you understand the factors that come with a comprehensive eye exam.

We are all about preventive health care here, and our eyes are usually the ones that we can prevent from getting deteriorated. So might we might as well go to a vision center to ask if we need an eye checkup.

comprehensive eye exam conclusion



Take care of your eyes as much as possible, because they are the windows to the soul!

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